Common mistakes in English

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  1. Adjectives:
    • Sequence: Adjective + Noun: “It is a crime very important
    • – NO agreement with noun: “It can infect others computers” “These girls are very intelligents
  2. Tenses:
    • -s fot the 3rd person singular: “That person cause damage to somebody” “He go to the cinema”
    • Participle in compound tenses: “They could have change” “Someone has broke into my house”
    • To + infinitive (not –ed form): “People decided to continued
    • Modal verbs + bare infinitive: “She can to play…” “We must to punish…”
    • Irregular verbs in past or participle form: “The man runed” “She finded the place”
    • Double past tense: “A crime he didn´t committed
  3. Structures:
    • Make + Sth./ S.o + BARE INFINITIVE: “The government should make schools to teach English”
    • Let + S.o + BARE INFINITIVE: “She let her husband to do/ doing the job”
    • Tell S.o (without preposition); “Say to S.o” (preposition to): “Mary said them” “I told to them
    • Negative infinitive/ gerund: “Don’t having respect for…” “To not have respect for…”
  4. –ing form after prepositions:
    • Make them think twice about do it again
    • It consists of help people
  5. No subject:
    • He thinks is not an offence
    • Is impossible to do this puzzle
  6. Double subject:
    • Anthony he thinks that…”
  7. Determiner:
    • No article: “It is very stressful job”
    • Article instead of zero article: “I’m in favour of the peace”
    • Agreement: “This clothes”
  8. People + PLURAL
    • People who is suspicious
    • This people
  9. Other + plural; Another + singular
    • If you commit other crime
    • Helping another people
  10. Expressions like
    • “I am agree”
  11. Saxon genitive: 
    • It´s name tells you…”

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